Get to know Val and our team.

Meet Val, our A.I.

Our team of website developers and designers realized we could use emerging technology to make building quality websites easier than ever. Following years of research and development, we created our own artificial intelligence that can build websites using the results of our most successful designs.
We've nicknamed our A.I. Val, a little nod to the great film 2001: A Space Oddessey. Val's appearance, inspired by a veiled chameleon, reflects our website's ability to change and adapt to the needs of the business just as a chameleon changes its appearance based on its surroundings. We're very proud of this technology and its ability to accomplish our mission of growing businesses online.

Meet Our Team

With a wealth of experience in a variety of fields, our team has come together with the experience and passion necessary to reinvent the way websites are built. We've all spent time designing websites for small businesses both individually and then together. In that time, the need for a faster, more efficient and effective way to build sites at scale became clear.
The Built By Val team set out to take the successes we've had and turn them into a product that can be used by the whole world. Our main mission is to help grow businesses with better websites. We've done just that working with one at a time. Now we want every business in the country to see the benefits of having a modern website and reap the rewards.
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